About Caravango.store

Caravan has been working closely with international and local brands of movies, animations, comics, as well as artists and emerging brands of pop culture and other disciplines. With our extraordinary ideas and our partnership with brands and artists, we have been spreading joy, surprise and exceptional experience to community in Hong Kong as well as other cities in the region.

The Caravango.store is our latest attempt to extend our creativity and passion on the burgeoning designer and art toy scene. This idea is originated from our love and appreciation of both the brands and artists.

In the Caravango.store, we curate collaboration and crossover projects between brands and artists, creating familiar yet unique collectibles that excite people. These collectibles present the classic brands or popular brands in a new perspective to the followers and fans.

The Caravan Store embraces our mission to produce bespoke collectibles by linking up various brands and artists. The brands followers and fans will feel amazed and excited when they come across the new and unexpected collectibles. This excitement is something to which keeps people looking forward. It is also what the Caravango.store commits to keep creating.

In addition to our own creation, we also represent art toys and collectibles in our Selected Collections. We feature a selection of high qualities art toys and art collectibles from other renowned art toy brands around the globe.

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