Store Policy

Shipping Fee Policy:

Free shipping threshold
Shipping fee
Hong Kong, Macau
帳單總額滿 HKD 200
Order total exceeds HKD 200
HKD 30
China, Taiwan
帳單總額滿 HKD 200
Order total exceeds HKD 200
HKD 50
Other Asia countries
帳單總額滿 HKD 200
Order total exceeds HKD 200
HKD 100
Europe, America
帳單總額滿 HKD 1,000
Order total exceeds HKD 1,000
HKD 200


Terms and Conditions for Online Purchase

The terms contained herein apply to transactions in which you purchase our products or services on this website. Please read and understand these Terms and Conditions before you submit your order. Please note that by purchasing products through this website, you have read, understood, accepted and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. Any purchases made from this website are subject to these Terms and Conditions.


  • In these terms and conditions of this online purchase (as defined below) (collectively referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”), "Caravan" or "we" or “us” means business of Caravan, while "customer" or "you" means any person, institution or company that orders goods or services from us. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using our website or other websites we are linked to (collectively, the "e-Store"). By placing an order using or through our e-store or any part of it, you agree that you have read these Terms and Conditions and that you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
  • We reserve the right to change the price of the goods without notice and all orders must be determined by Caravan's sole discretion and accepted in accordance with the availability of inventory.
  • All orders are subject to final confirmation depending on the availability of the related product. We reserve the right to refuse to accept an order if the product or service you have ordered is out of stock on this website.
  • The prices charged are those applicable on the day you order.
  • All advertised and expected arrival/delivery dates and times are only estimated schedules, and are subject to amendments and/or cancellation without any advance notice. We shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage sustained through delay.
  • All items are available while stocks last.
  • All paid orders cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  • All photos and images of the products displayed on this website are for the convenience of the customers to identify the product, and may be different from the actual size, dimension, and color of the
  • All pictures and images of the products displayed on this website are for illustration purposes in order to help the customer to recognize the products only. The actual size, dimension and colour of the products may differ.


  • All paid orders cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  • Pre-ordered products can only be shipped after the advertised and expected release date, and the actual arrival date is subject to the inventory, shipping speed, logistics and freight/shipping conditions.
  • If you have purchased a pre-order product and purchased other in-stock products, your products will not be shipped. Your order will be reserved until your pre-ordered product arrives. If you want the in-stock products to be shipped separately from the pre-ordered product, please make two separate purchases.


  • Caravan reserves the right to cancel an order if it cannot be delivered for any reason. When this happens, we will notify you.  
  • All cancelled orders will be refunded back to your credit card.
  • Once you submit your order confirmation, you cannot cancel your order.


Delivery Times:

  • Each online order can only be shipped to the specified address once.
  • All in-stock products will be shipped to you within 7-10 business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays) after the order is completed.
  • Overdue Pick Up:

* All goods purchased on this website will be subject to storage charges by S.F. Express and the warehouse if clients are to pick up after the delivery date. The additional charges will be borne customer. Recipient must pick up parcels at specified location within 3 days after receiving the SMS notification from S.F. Express.  If customers wish to rearrange pickup for overdue parcels, please contact S.F. Express directly. If the pickup is overdue, you may need to bear the additional storage cost or shipping fee. In addition, if the shipment is overdue within two months from the date of shipment, we shall have the right to dispose of such goods at our own discretion without further notice to you.

Return, Replacement and Refund:

  • Under normal circumstances, we would not accept any request for exchange of products or cancellation of orders.
  • You are requested to examine the goods immediately for any deficiencies and/or damages of their appearance and whether all accessories are included upon delivery or collection (as the case may be).
  • If upon delivery or collection of the goods, you discover that the good is defective or damaged (excluding any inappropriate usage or man-made damage), with quality issue, or the good is not what you ordered, or the delivery is of an incorrect quantity, you can, within fourteen (14) days upon receipt of such good, apply for a replacement by (i) email to us at specifying “Application for Replacement of Merchandise” and provide the relevant electronic receipt photo, order number, name, photo and quantity of goods you ask for replacement.  We will follow up based on the information you provided.
  • Once Caravan agrees to deal with the situation, the customer must send the goods back to us for verification. All returned items must be sent back to us within 3 business days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, & public holidays) after you have contacted us.
  • Merchandise eligible for application of replacement must fulfill all of the following conditions:

(a) The package box/bag of the good is preserved and the packaging of the good must be in the condition of which it was delivered to you;

(b) The good is unused and in the condition originally sold together with all parts and accessories which are provided with the good including manuals, certificates, labels, tags, consumables, bags, and boxes;

(c) Any premium, gift or souvenir bundled with the good (if any) at the time of purchase shall be returned together with the good;

(d) Customers need to pay for any return shipping to Caravan (including cross-border and international shipping costs, if applicable).

  • If we have agreed you are entitled to an exchange but the goods to be exchanged are sold out, we will refund your payment.
  • We will inform you if any of the complimentary items included with your purchase are out of stock. We reserve the right to offer a replacement item of the same type and price. You also have the right to accept our proposed alternative gift or choose to cancel it.
  • An exchange/refund will be arranged as soon as we receive your returned product and confirm that it meets the return criteria, depending on your requirements, within 7-14 business days (excluding Saturdays/Sundays, public holidays).
  • Each good is only eligible for one (1) time replacement only. We do not accept any request for refund for the same good after a replacement. 

No exchange or refund of products will be accepted in the following circumstances:

  • The product(s) is/are not purchased on our official's website.
  • Any item that is returned more than 14 days after delivery.
  • The related products were not sent back to Caravan for verification.
  • Any free gift(s), giveaway(s), sample pack(s).
  • Packaging of the item is missing, or damaged or with some dirt. And such a condition does not affect the quality of the product itself.
  • Any item not in its original condition, is damaged or missing parts for reasons not due to our error.
  • The product has been opened up for use, or damaged by human factors, such as contamination, malfunction, damage, abrasion, scratches, and dirt.
  • Any request for refund or exchange due to personal reasons.
  • Caravan reserves the right of final decision in case of any dispute arising herein.


  • Basis of supply:
    • Carvan sells and ships products to end-user consumers only. You may not purchase products at this website for resale, and we reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order if we have reasonable grounds to believe the product is not being purchased by you for end use.
  • Force Majeure:
    • If the performance by Caravan of its obligations relating to the services it supplies on this site is prevented by reason of “force majeure” (which shall include prevention occasioned by fire, casualty, accident, act of God, natural disaster, any law, order, proclamation, regulation, demand or requirement of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or of any of its government agencies, strikes, labour disputes, shortage of labour or lack of skilled labour, shortage or unavailability of products or raw materials, delay in transit or other causes whatsoever (whether similar to the foregoing or not) beyond the reasonable control of Caravan ), Caravan shall be excused from such performance to the extent of such prevention. We will not be liable to the user or any third party for any delay or failure to perform due to reasons beyond our reasonable control, whether similar to the foregoing.   
  • We shall under no circumstances be liable for any loss (whether direct or indirect) of revenue, loss of profits, or any indirect or consequential loss whatsoever suffered, sustained, or incurred by you or by other person arising (directly or indirectly) out of the sale and purchase transaction with you.
  • We have the right, at any time, or from time to time, by giving prior notice to you, to modify or vary or supplement all or any of the provisions under these Terms and Conditions.
  • These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the People's Republic of China, and the customer and Caravan to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts. We may revise the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. 

If any dispute arises, Caravan determination shall be final. Where these Terms and Conditions are available in Chinese, the English version is the governing version and shall prevail whenever there is a discrepancy between the two versions.